Feel great all day

HERMES Multivit Effervescent Tablets


                                          Rich in all essential vitamins

HERMES Multivit with 13 essential vitamins is free from lubricants and binding agents, does not contain sugar and is suitable for diabetics.


  • Food supplement containing 13 essential vitamins
  • Delicious orange flavour
  • Sugar-free, suitable for diabetics
  • Free from lubricants and binding agents
  • Pack sizes containing 20 and 60 effervescent tablets

HERMES Multivit extra Effervescent


                                           Rich in vitamin D3 and the trace elements zinc and selenium

HERMES Multivit extra effervescent tablets contain carefully balanced quantities of vitamins, minerals, trace elements

which the body needs on a daily basis, plus selected plant-based substances. One effervescent tablet containing this

 combination of vital substances dissolved in water substantially covers our daily need for essential nutrients and helps to

 maintain the body’s health.


  • Food supplement with 13 vitamins, minerals and trace elements such as zinc and selenium
  • Contain selected carotinoids and citrus flavonoids
  • Provide extra refreshing fluids on a daily basis
  • Tube with 20 effervescent tablets


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